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Founded in 2017 by Brittani S. Avery, Black Meredith Press specializes in literary fantasy and science fiction that create people and places surreal yet familiar. Our mission is to open the doors of imagination and give readers access to unique worlds created by new authors hailing from diverse and exceptional backgrounds. We are dedicated to fostering creative expression, ensuring that every book we publish brings readers on unforgettable journeys to uncharted literary realms.

The name “Black Meredith Press” was inspired by the trees of our fonder’s childhood home. In her youth, Avery spent countless hours exploring the cluster of trees in her backyard. She, along with her siblings, cousins, and friends, created numerous worlds underneath the shade of the leaves. They fought aliens, practiced swordplay with sticks, hiked mountains, launched spy missions. These fond memories of vibrant imagination and peek creativity presented the perfect name for her new publisher.


  • Brittani S. Avery

    Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fantasy

    With an overactive brain and vibrant imagination, Brittani S. Avery is equal parts coder, writer, gamer, and nerd. She published her first novel, Element Unknown, in 2017, for which reviews praised the unique elemental typing system and character development in the science-fantasy adventure. Its direct sequel is currently in progress.

    When Avery isn’t writing or coding websites, she is often crocheting amigurumi (cute little animals mainly) or playing with her olde English bulldog, Jael. See what else she has running through her mind on her website at

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